Things are changing so fast while everything feels like its moving so slow. The daily dissonance of being overwhelmed by massive, rapid global change while zooming in on small details and meaningful moments.

A Self-Indulgent Gen X Musical Biography & 51 Favorites

There’s something about music that makes it simultaneously both avatars of timeless youth and mortality.

The deaths of Prince and David Bowie hurt. But, the passing of Tom Petty in 2017 and, almost exactly one-year ago, Mark E Smith, hit me harder. …

I just returned from a…

Simply landing on this soil turns the bum into a king

The Gold Rush makes the San Francisco of today seem as dynamic as a cupcake shop transitioning into a juice bar.

Here’s what you need to know…

Total population in 1848: 812

Total population by the end of 1849: 25,000 (source)

It was said at the time that“simply landing…

From the outside and within

The Castro, 1984. (From the Leslie+Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art)

Being in junior high and high school in a suburb close to San Francisco during the 1980s likely meant going through a not particularly proud evolvement.

As HIV/AIDS penetrated the local consciousness in the early ‘80s, the reaction of 14-year-olds 17 miles — yet a world away —from The Castro…

Sean Garrett

Co-founder & partner, The Pramana Collective. Attendee of the first Can show in Cologne.

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